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Partyset "Equalizer"

Item: 5 ( be displayed 1 - 5 )
Plates, Paper round Ø 23 cm "Equalizer Trend"
Item no.:84717
Order unit:20x10 piece
Paper cups 0,2 l Ø 7 cm · 9,7 cm "Equalizer Trend"
Item no.:84718
Order unit:14x10 piece
Napkins, 3-ply 1/4 fold 33 cm x 33 cm "Equalizer Trend"
Item no.:84719
Order unit:10x20 piece
Tablecloth, cloth-like, Airlaid 120 cm x 180 cm "Equalizer Trend"
Item no.:84720
Order unit:5x1 piece
Tablerunner, cloth-like, Airlaid 3 m x 40 cm "Equalizer Trend"
Item no.:84721
Order unit:6x1 roll
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