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Aprons, coats, overalls

Aprons, white coats, overalls for the highest level of hygiene

Many industries must adhere to high standards of hygienic regulations. The use of disposable workwear, such as aprons, overcoats and overalls, is an effective and efficient alternative to cost-intensive work coats and garments made of fabric.
Item: 3 ( be displayed 1 - 3 )
PE Apron 110 cm x 75 cm white extra strong
Item no.:18963
Order unit:10x25 piece
PE Apron 130 cm x 75 cm white
Order unit: 10x50 piece
Item no.:18964
Order unit:10x50 piece
PE Apron 125 cm x 67,5 cm white
Order unit: 10x100 piece
Item no.:18965
Order unit:10x100 piece
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