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Vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves product information

Vinyl, also called polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is a glove material made by polymerisation with the addition of plasticisers. The material is suitable for those allergic to latex because it contains no protein. However, the plasticisers are often fat-soluble and so their use in the food sector is limited. The gloves are suitable for cleaning purposes and contact with non-fatty foods. The material is not very elastic and is not tight to the skin.

Vinyl is the cheapest glove material. As a protective glove, vinyl should only be used in less exposed areas (low risk factor). All PAPSTAR vinyl gloves are thiuram free and manufactured without the harmful DEHP plasticiser. They are medical quality and have an AQL of 1.5. The rolled band on the cuff ensures a clean finish and prevents liquid drip off.
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