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Nitril gloves

Nitrile gloves product information

Nitrile as a substance chemically belongs to the elastomers. This synthetically produced latex (NBR, nitrile-butadiene rubber) is a petroleum based product. Nitrile is the most durable basic material - especially high protection against many chemicals and oils as well as its good skin compatibility - make this product more and more popular. Many surgeons use the nitrile glove because of its perfect tightness (there are no micro holes) as an underglove. Viruses, bacteria and microorganisms have no chance of penetrating the barrier. Due to its composition, nitrile is safe to use in the medical field, for cleaning purposes (with chemical contact times and agents), but also with food contact.

Its puncture resistance, abrasion properties and cut protection are clearly superior to that of a comparable latex glove. Nitrile gloves do not contain any proteins and are therefore more than an alternative for those allergic to latex. Because of heat from the skin nitrile fits the shape of the hand like a second skin.
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