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Latex gloves

Latex gloves product information

Latex is a natural product, made from the latex milk of the rubber tree and refined. After cleaning and reprocessing in a mastication system, the raw material is processed so that it is suitable for the dipping process of glove production. With the subsequent vulcanization in the dipping process, an elastic polymer, which is ideal for an extremely elastic glove, is obtained from the raw material by adding accelerators and additives.

Latex is the classic material for medical gloves because of its barrier qualities and its extreme elasticity and ductility. Due to their good tactile feel, these gloves are suitable as examination gloves, but also as protective gloves for delicate activities (grip safety).

In the food sector, powder-free latex gloves can be used without restriction. Medical latex gloves from PAPSTAR offer the best protection against bacteria, viruses and microorganisms, they do not have thiurams or mercapto compounds.
The protein content of powder-free gloves is reduced to a minimum by a complex washing process (<20 g).
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Latex gloves, powderfree black size S
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Latex gloves, powderfree black size L
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