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Plastic cups unbreakable

Plastic cups - unbreakable and solid

These cups are ideal for all applications where glasses that can splinter, are not allowed. We offer a large variety of cups from small ones with a volume of 0,1 l through elegant highball glasses to Caipirinha cups which enable caterers to switch from real glass to unbreakable plastic cups without having to compromise on the glasses in the right shape for each drink. These are well accepted by guests and moreover facilitate transport and handling.
Item: 8 ( be displayed 1 - 8 )
Drinking cups, PP 0,1 l Ø 5,2 cm · 7,4 cm translucent unbreakable
Item no.:16134
Order unit:35x40 piece
Drinking cups, PP 0,2 l Ø 6,8 cm · 9,8 cm translucent unbreakable
Item no.:16135
Order unit:20x40 piece
Drinking cups, PP 0,3 l Ø 7,8 cm · 11,8 cm translucent unbreakable
Item no.:16147
Order unit:20x25 piece
glasses for longdrinks, PP 0,2 l Ø 5,5 cm · 10,9 cm translucent unbreakable
Item no.:16502
Order unit:50x10 piece
glasses for caipirinha, PP 0,3 l Ø 8 cm · 11 cm translucent unbreakable
Item no.:82555
Order unit:15x30 piece
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