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Cups made of PLA

Cups out of PLA - the promising packaging solution for the future

Whenever it comes to an environmentally friendly packaging of cold drinks and desserts the catering business relies on cups out of PLA. The cups are extremely clear which makes the content appear very appetizing. However PLA-Cups are only suitable for cold drinks and food. After their use the PLA-Cups can be processed in industrial composting systems.
Item: 24 ( be displayed 1 - 24 )
Shot glasses, PLA "pure" 2 cl Ø 3,9 cm · 4 cm crystal clear
Item no.:87820
Order unit:30x40 piece
Shot glasses, PLA "pure" 4 cl Ø 4,8 cm · 5 cm crystal clear
Item no.:87821
Order unit:20x40 piece
Cold drink cups, PLA "pure" 0,2 l Ø 7,03 cm · 9,7 cm crystal clear
Item no.:16176
Order unit:100 piece
Cold drink cups, PLA "pure" 0,15 l Ø 7,08 cm · 7,29 cm crystal clear
Item no.:87499
Order unit:30x100 piece
Cold drink cups, PLA "pure" 0,2 l Ø 9,5 cm · 9,59 cm crystal clear
Item no.:87488
Order unit:80 piece
Cold drink cups, PLA "pure" 0,4 l Ø 9,5 cm · 12,7 cm crystal clear
Item no.:87486
Order unit:65 piece
Lids, PLA "pure" round Ø 9,5 cm crystal clear with cross-recessed
Item no.:87450
Order unit:100 piece
Espresso cups, C-PLA "pure" 0,08 l Ø 6 cm · 5,7 cm nature
Item no.:87675
Order unit:25 piece
Handle cups, C-PLA "pure" 0,18 l Ø 7,8 cm · 6,5 cm nature
Item no.:87676
Order unit:30 piece
Saucer, C-PLA "pure" Ø 11,9 cm · 1,4 cm nature
Item no.:87677
Order unit:30 piece
Tray, paper 12 cm x 9,5 cm x 62 cm brown for 6 cups
Item no.:87648
Order unit:30 piece
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