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Cutlery single packed

Cutlery single packed: hygienic and practical

Loose disposable cutlery is not everywhere in demand. A special hygienic and practical solution are plastic cutleries which are single packed. The guest thus has the impression to get hygienically clean cutlery which is only designed for him. Spoons, forks and knives made of plastic are securely packed in a transparent foil. The completely packed set of cutlery consists of a disposable knife, a disposable fork and a 1-ply napkin.
Item: 9 ( be displayed 1 - 9 )
Cutlery-Sets : knife, fork, napkin
Order unit: 100 piece
Item no.:12749
Order unit:100 piece
Cutlery-Sets, C-PLA "pure" : knife, fork, napkin
Item no.:87375
Order unit:50 piece
Cutlery-Set, wood "pure" nature : Knive, Fork, Napkin in paper bag
Item no.:88270
Order unit:50x1 piece
Knives, wood "pure" 16,5 cm single packed in paper bag
Item no.:88005
Order unit:50 piece
Forks, wood "pure" 15,5 cm single packed in paper bag
Item no.:88006
Order unit:50 piece
Spoons, Wood "pure" 16 cm single packed in paper bag
Item no.:88007
Order unit:50 piece
Knives, PS 17,5 cm white single packed
Order unit: 15x100 piece
Item no.:12751
Order unit:15x100 piece
Chopsticks 23 cm single wrapped
Order unit: 50 pair
Item no.:10019
Order unit:50 pair
Cutlery sets 17,5 cm x 8 cm : Knive, Fork, Spoon, Coffee spoons, Napkin
Item no.:85230
Order unit:30x1 piece
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