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Serving plates

Item: 17 ( be displayed 1 - 17 )
Serving plates, alu oval 35 cm x 24,5 cm
Item no.:14890
Order unit:10 piece
Serving plates, alu oval 43 cm x 29 cm
Item no.:14891
Order unit:10 piece
Serving plates, alu oval 54,7 cm x 35,8 cm
Item no.:14892
Order unit:3 piece
Serving plates, alu square 35 cm x 26 cm
Item no.:85068
Order unit:5 piece
Serving plates, PET 45 cm x 30 cm black
Item no.:86001
Order unit:10 piece
Lids for serving trays, PET 6,3 cm x 45 cm x 31,5 cm transparent
Item no.:86002
Order unit:10 piece
Serving plates 35 cm x 24,5 cm x 3 cm black laminated
Item no.:81917
Order unit:18x5 piece
Serving plates 44,5 cm x 30,5 cm x 3,5 cm black laminated
Item no.:81918
Order unit:18x5 piece
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