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The PAPSTAR online shop offers more than 4,000 products in the areas of disposable plates, packaging, party and table decorations, as well as hygiene and consumables for professional users in top quality.
Palm leaf
Professional Line

Napkins, 1-ply 1/4 fold 33 cm x 33 cm "Bavarian blue"
Item no.: 11121
Order unit: 36x100 piece
Tablecloth, foil 20 m x 1 m "Bavarian blue"
Item no.: 11197
Order unit: 1 roll
Art-tissue fans Ø 75 cm "Bavaria" non flammable
Item no.: 18757
Order unit: 10x1 piece
Balloons Ø 25 cm "Bavarian blue"
Item no.: 81949
Order unit: 12x20 piece
Deco Streamers 4 m "Bavaria" flame retardant
Item no.: 18778
Order unit: 10x3 piece
Item no.: 86619
Order unit: 165 piece
Plates, Palm leaf "pure" 15,5 cm x 3 cm "Heart"
Item no.: 85501
Order unit: 25 piece
Plates, Palm leaf "pure" round Ø 18,5 cm · 2,5 cm
Item no.: 85510
Order unit: 25 piece
Fingerfood - Bowls, wood "pure" 16,5 cm x 8,5 cm "Boat"
Item no.: 84416
Order unit: 50 piece
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