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The PAPSTAR online shop offers more than 4,000 products in the areas of disposable plates, packaging, party and table decorations, as well as hygiene and consumables for professional users in top quality.
Palm leaf
Professional Line

Handle cups, PS 0,18 l Ø 7,8 cm · 6 cm white
Item no.: 86407
Order unit: 1x258 piece
Stirring sticks, PS 14,8 cm colours assorted "wave"
Item no.: 86404
Order unit: 1x750 piece
Napkins, 3-ply 1/4 fold 33 cm x 33 cm "Asparagus Season"
Item no.: 81441
Order unit: 6x100 piece
Paper cups "pure" 0,1 l Ø 6,2 cm · 6 cm Ripple Wall
Item no.: 86269
Order unit: 20x25 piece
Paper cups "To Go" 0,2 l Ø 8 cm · 9,1 cm double walled
Item no.: 84866
Order unit: 25x25 piece
Paper cups "To Go" 0,4 l Ø 9 cm · 13,5 cm
Item no.: 14773
Order unit: 20x50 piece
Dishes, Palm leaf "pure" round 200 ml Ø 13 cm · 3 cm
Item no.: 85508
Order unit: 25 piece
Plates, Palm leaf "pure" hexagonal 23,5 cm x 3 cm
Item no.: 85512
Order unit: 25 piece
Ice-cream spoons 9,3 cm neon
Item no.: 85799
Order unit: 1000 piece
Steak-Marker 9 cm "MEDIUM"
Item no.: 84872
Order unit: 6x250 piece
Fingerfood skewers 12 cm "GLUTEN-FREE"
Item no.: 85926
Order unit: 6x250 piece
Fingerfood skewers 12 cm "VEGAN"
Item no.: 85928
Order unit: 6x250 piece
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